/ Collaboration with l'Oréal ® Paris /
[ Rue du Four, Paris VI ]


The brief was to reintroduce and valorise the process of  hair-colouring into Parisian hair salons, so that clients get a better understanding of the technique.

The design focus on a 'product presentation gallery' made out of S-shaped interlocking movable aluminium parts. The sheet of metal is pierced with holes grids allowing the hairdresser to attractively arrange the products of the brand.
Each salon will make the most out of it by presenting the range of items its own way by creating their personal display wall.

The design piece include an elaborate LED lighting system a range of providing beams of light which can be controlled, similar to the Phillips Ambi-Pure ® system effect.


During the day, the gallery turns into a functional and guidance space but at night it turns into a decorative and attractive light-up showcase.