WEArable shelter


/ Competition winner /
[ Jacket, sleeping bag, tent ]

The project was created in direct response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

The question was, how do you carry your belongings with you, when you have to leave in a hurry, in the midst of a crisis? And how can you find a little bit of a shelter, when you have to leave your house behind?”

This project is a wearable shelter for people in need of a temporary dwelling. The design has three functions: it can be worn as a jacket, when laid out it forms a sleeping bag and can also turn into a blow up tent.

The coat : Inside pockets are designed to allow people to have their personal belongings as close to the body as possible for security reasons. Sewn into an inside double layer, the pockets are waterproof, in which to hide passport, cellphone, pills, soap...
The sleeping bag :  The product is made out of Tyvek® – a strong, breathable, lightweight and waterproof material – and is insulated, with Mylar® – a type of polyester used for insulation in houses  as well as in spacesuits and emergency blankets. 
The tent : Working with an internal inflated circuit, and two parts that to be zipped together, the tent is holding up through tension. Typically, there’s room for one person, but since it’s zip all around you can connect several units to build a bigger tent or create connected 'pods'.

The product fit into an A4 format package in which instructions are included.

The proposal was informed by input from Médecins Sans Frontières and Red Cross who provided insight into the challenges faced by refugees fleeing conflict in Syria.